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Your Business or Organization Will Need ALL of These Key ELEMENTS...

Customer Services

-Exquisite Barista Services

-Demonstrations Professional Onboarding

-Website Management

-Ecomm. + Payment Processing Referral Services

-Promotions Services


Customer service is a primary function of any business. In our business we've designed systems and partners with other businesses to provide our customers with innovative and unprecedented options. From digital options to tangible options we provide services to meet your business or organizations needs.



-Interactive Advertisements

-Digital Asset Management

-Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing

-Journalism and Professional Writing Distribution


Businesses and Organizations need to have meaningful content made available to their audiences. Content relates to these organizations brands and business models. Copywriting, journalism, and search engine optimization campture the best content that your organization provides. This allows your customers to have the best experiences possible. 


-Magazines and Publications

-Radio Shows and Advertising

-Abundance Trade Group

-Training + Textbooks


Without branding businesses and organizations simply don't gain any recognition within their marketplace. Exquisite Conglomerate Communications provides organizations with a complete nexus of branding options. Digitally, "Revealing Better Results Radio", through Abundance Trade Group, is a platform that brands businesses and organizations across any of 20 different industries. Traditional branding services are also provided by Exquisite Conglomerate Communications along with the publications Exquisite Fusion Magazine and The Digital Conglomerate Magazine.

Flex Strategy

-Monthly Consultation Sessions

-CRM Systems Design

-Social Media Advising + Management

-Case Study (Short and Long Term Data Analysis) 


Moving businesses and organizations in the correct direction requires flexible planning and strategy. Strategies analyze and propose solutions by developing and improving customer relationship management systems, and by providing clients with detailed case studies of their organizations. Exquisite Conglomerate Communications enhances the effectiveness of "Flexible Strategies" by updating clients on a monthly basis in regard to the progress of their particular projects.

*Clients are able to contract with Exquisite Conglomerate Communications LLC on a yearly contract basis for any or all "ELEMENT" client solutions. The yearly cost for any "ELEMENT" client service is $10,000, and a deposit of $835 is required in order to initiate services for each client "ELEMENT" solution that is selected. Use the contact form below to inquire about client "ELEMENT" solutions.

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